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De SR-2006 is een kleine compacte constant Voltage 0-10V Led dimmer met 1 kanaal. Belastbaar met 8 Amp. 12 Volt.

          Mini style 0-10V LED dimmer

  • Constant voltage 0-10V LED dimmer with 1 channel, 8A per channel output and available in 12VDC
  • Analog dim driver, receives standard 1-10V dim signal input
  • 0%-100% dimming range via logarithmic characteristic can be very comfortable for human eyes
  • 1 channel 1-10V input and 1 channel PWM output
  • 256 levels of grey scale enable the LED dimmer to adjust brightness softly and smoothly without any flickering
  • To work with power repeater to expand output unlimitedly
  • Compatible with 1-10V dial / Push switch / Potentiometer